ニュースギャザリングの起源は、1980年代の金沢にまで遡る。ヨーロッパの香りがする音楽集団として、 注目を集めるも、その後 30 年間休眠し、近年のネットワーク音響技術に触発されて東京で活動を再開。 幅広いバックグランドで世界のどこかであり得たかもしれない絵画的な音楽を探求し、 シンギュラリティが囁かれる現在の空気感を構造主義的に表現する。
The News Gathering are musical group formed in '80 by college students in Kanazawa-city. The band gained exposure on local clubs with music performance inspired by European style. After be graduated, we bloke up then scattered all over Japan. After 30 years, we eventually started to play together using recent music production technology via the Internet. Soon, we found that each member's variety of music background from those separated years made the music like painting that is telling the story which could be happened in somewhere. Now we are pursuing to express deja-vu feeling of the modern world atmosphere where singularity is whispered ambivalently.
石本松志 / Guitar Blog
Ishimoto, Matsushi / Guitar
His guitar play has strong originality came straight from his unique worldview that will touch your heart.
浅井芳治 / Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer Blog
Asai, Hoji / Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer
As sound designer, he plays all instruments except guitar and bass. Especially, his piano play will add some floating feelings to the music.
河﨑邦生 / Vocal, Bass Blog
Kawasaki, Kunio / Vocal,Bass
He sings mysterious worldview with his soft voice which reminds canterbury rock and plays fretless-bass that creates colorful sounds.