"The Provocation" Song Released.

Writer : ng

Type/ : 2021-06-30 / discography

The Provocation

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Far East Jazzのサウンドに東京で出会う香りにまつわる言葉を散りばめた。

The theme of the NewsGathering's new song is "fragrance".
Words of perfume that you will encounter in Tokyo sung with The sound of Far East Jazz.
We have wearing mask for over a year, The chances of using the sense of smell and touch have completely decreased.
The fragrant night of Tokyo, the scent of rain, and the scent of flowers, which are hidden in my memory, provocate my brain.
The silhouette of NewsGathering with fragrant flowers flowing outside the triple window of Tokyo Station.
We are published the original music video on Youtube, Let's enjoy it together.

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[ Lyric ]

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東京 Midnight,雨の匂い 記憶を呼び覚ます
I can hear your voice.

香りを纏った魅惑の Provocation
Ohhh I Got.

仮面を脱ぎ捨て Breathing 野性は嗅ぎ分ける
I can hear your voice.

誘惑のアロマ纏った Fascination
I Got Jesus. Ohhh. I Got.
I can hear your voice. Ahah.

嵐の前触れ Petrichor(ペトリコール) 夜更けに咲くダフニ
I can hear your voice.

秘め事香る魅惑の Provocation
I Got Jesus.