Phantom Vibration Syndrome Song Released.

Writer : ng

Type/ : 2020-09-14 / discography

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

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Phantom Vibration Syndrome is a phenomenon in which a cell phone or smart phone that should not be ringing feels like it is vibrating.
The phone call from her who should have died.and "I" would be still connected with her in the spiritual world.
The composition of this song has been performed since the beginning of 2020, and the theme is the fundamental emotion that wants to be connected to something while feeling the uneasiness of the world.
Using the extended chords, They plays what lies deep inside the hearts of the human beings who live in the present day, with a free sound world that is not obsessed with ready-made music.
Asai,Yoshiharu and Kawasaki,Kunio sing like a conversation,and Neutorino, a singing voice synthesizer that uses neural networks, adds color with scat.
The cover art drew NewsGathering playing next to the red telephone booth still on the streets of London.
If you feel that your smartphone is vibrating while listening to this song, you are also a member of Phantom Vibration Syndrome.

[Phantom Vibration Syndromeとは、幻想振動症候群と言われ、鳴っていないはずの携帯電話やスマート・フォンが振動しているように感じてしまう現象のことである。
曲を聴きながら自分のスマートフォンが振動している気がしたら、あなたもPhantom Vibration Syndromeの仲間です]

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[ Lyric ]

We’re apart far away, Like torn up flesh and blood

You call me again, From world after life
I feel the vibe, from my phone slightly

We’re connected in, Sacred astral world

You call me again, From world after life
I feel the vibe, from my phone slightly